Friday, September 29, 2006

CS-MARS Title Available at Cisco Press!

Hey again everyone! In keeping with trying to bring the most information about MARS that I have I thought I'd share a new resource. I own a slew of Cisco Press titles on everything from CCNA guides to MPLS network design titles. Now available at Cisco Press is a book on MARS... Security Threat Mitigation and Response: Understanding Cisco Security MARS. I'd highly recommend this text to anyone that uses a CS-MARS appliance. I do not own the title but can speak highly on the level of detail I've found in all Cisco Press titles. You can grab a copy here and make sure to sign up for Cisco Press... it's free and you can get all titles for the member price.


Anonymous said...

I also read this book and it's fantastic. I noticed someone gave it a bad rating on Amazon. His comment was that it had too much filler. I couldn't disagree more. The authors did a great job of putting CS-MARS into context before describing how to understand and manager the device. I flat out give it an A++!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I get tweaked when people rate books badly that other people may find valuable. If you LIKED the book, get on Amazon and write a review to even out the rating for this book. If you are a CS-MARS user it really is a great read.

John said...

I read this book as well. That is to say, I've read it twice and continue to scan it over and over again.

At my company we have quite a large CS-MARS installation, and I am also working on a paper on tuning CS-MARS -- which is really quite a black art once you get past the simple events and rules.

This book is good, and gives you a hint of the architecture and inner workings of CS-MARS. I would have loved it if Cisco had revealed more of those details, but I don't blame them from trying to protect their IP.

My standards are very high, so I would give this book a solid B+.

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