Thursday, February 28, 2008

Unified Communications Manager: 6.0(1) to 6.1(1) Stalled Upgrade

What's this... Cisco voice now? I'm working on a few Cisco voice projects right now so you'll see some posts in the future about the exciting voice offerings from Cisco. Today I was running an upgrade of our Unified Communications Manager (UCM, formerly CallManager) to version 6.1(1) from 6.0(1). The upgrade went well for about 45 minutes, and then seemed to stall out. The update log, viewable on the web console from OS Administration -> Software Upgrades -> Install/Upgrade, was "stuck" on this step:

Create new OS image for future upgrades

Come to find out, this was just a UI log issue. By refreshing the page I was able to see the upgrade completed. I made the new partition active and the upgrade worked great. When in doubt... refresh.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Congrats to Chris @ The Cisco MARS Blog!

Doing my normal scouring on the Internet, I see Network World has posted a list of the top 20 Internet resources for Cisco networking professionals. The list is chock full of great sites, and my friend Chris from has been listed in the top 20. I just wanted to say congrats to Chris and all the other great Cisco bloggers out there. They all deserve the recognition of dedicating their free time to sharing the wealth of knowledge they all have.