Sunday, February 24, 2008

Congrats to Chris @ The Cisco MARS Blog!

Doing my normal scouring on the Internet, I see Network World has posted a list of the top 20 Internet resources for Cisco networking professionals. The list is chock full of great sites, and my friend Chris from has been listed in the top 20. I just wanted to say congrats to Chris and all the other great Cisco bloggers out there. They all deserve the recognition of dedicating their free time to sharing the wealth of knowledge they all have.



Fabio said...

Question: Does Cisco Mars come only on box or could I get the software and install it on my server?


Chris Durkin said...

Thanks Mike, keep up the good work!

R Sargule said...

Need your opinion.
Can MARS receive data from NetQoS?
We have MARS but have difficulties getting netflow data directly. We do have NetQoS that is currently receiving netflow data. The thought is that since NetQoS does anomaly detection, MARS may not need netflow data.
Any thoughts on pros/cons of this approach.

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