Monday, January 28, 2008

Cisco Nexus 7000: Next Generation Data Center Switiching

While doing some work this morning, I stumbled across a product announcement from Cisco that is pretty exciting. Cisco has introduced a new line of data center-class switching known as the Nexus 7000 Series Switch. That name is about as catchy as it gets! Reviewing some of the information Cisco has about this next generation platform, there's a slew of innovations that include security and availability. Here's what the new behemoth looks like:
There's a lot of details about this new platform on Make sure to check it out and read about the features included in it's OS known as the NX-OS. The link-layer AES encryption looks particularly interesting for those wondering about the security benefits of the platform. When I get a chance I'll browse the available info and share anything interesting I find.



Anonymous said...

From the security perspective, the Cisco Nexus is the first implementation of Cisco TrustSec. Beyond the per-hop, wire-speed encryption, the new approach to managing policy is almost as cool. Check out:

mikew said...

did you see his demo with a monkey?
Cisco nexus 7000 demo