Saturday, October 07, 2006

Important CS-MARS Update!

With the release of 4.2.2 I had updated our production MARS system to the latest code. Upon doing so the system began to repeatedly crash while adding devices and developing new rules. Cisco has released a patch for this bug to bring MARS from 4.2.2 (2302) to 4.2.2 (2303). The patch is available here to download. Even if you are not seeing issues I recommend you update your MARS appliance to this latest revision of code to prevent issues in the future.


Anonymous said...

I was surfing trying to find how to create events in the CS-MARS but I do not find anything.

I am trying to drop some things to avoid showing all the stuff!

DO you have a link that shows how to create events to link them from a drop rule afterwards?

Anonymous said...

i'm still getting errors on my 'custom columns ranked by time' reports... they still just show nothing after the last update as well as this patch

Mike said...

If you continue to receive errors after applying the update I urge you to open a TAC case with Cisco. There may be other issues, such as degrading raid status, that Cisco will be able to troubleshoot with you.

As for the comment above about dropping I'm a bit unclear as to what you're looking for. What "stuff" are you trying to avoid showing? What do you mean by "link" in the sentence after? If you get me this information I may be able to get you the answer you're looking for.


Kin said...


Great blog site! Presently I am working for a local NYC government agency. We purchased a Cisco MARS 50 appliance and I have been testing and getting familiar with the product. I had my network consultant do the initial configuration, but I might just wipe it clean and install v4.2.2 just to get more practical experience.

I happened to find your site while doing a search on Google.

I plan to contribute to your site as I get more familiar with MARS.

Keep the posting coming...


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