Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mobile Messaging Using the Sprint PPC-6700

Eat this Blackberry! In a company that's pretty large (25,000+ employees), we have an under-staffed IT department. Surprising right? Anyways, when the CS-MARS device was installed we started receiving the built-in e-mail alerts about security events. The issue was that we had no mobile devices to receive the alerts on. Though the e-mail alerts are pretty cheesy, but I have a notification enhancement I'll share on one of these posts (all written in a network engineer's favorite language Perl). So with my large paycheck (pfft!) I purchased a Sprint PPC-6700. This is everything a Blackberry is and more. We're in the process of an MS Exchange 2003 migration and thanks to our awesome Windows admin, he configured Microsoft DirectPush e-mail. This means that the Blackberry "push" functionality is built-in to my device and our new mail environment. I now receive alerts as they occur and can more easily respond to them. Plus it's a cool phone everyone is jealous of. If we could only get EVDO coverage up here!


Anonymous said...

I can't find the notification enhancement you mentioned. Did you ever post it? I love MARS and really need a better email notification.


Anonymous said...

I agree, please share this :) I need better alerts...something in the subject line at least that can use for alerts